French artist Clément Vauchel has worked as a designer in Paris for ten years.
After he started to create jewelry on his own, with a designer’s perspective.

Several jewelry collections were born over the last 10 years, the latest you can see in this shop.
Clément Vauchel’s works were exhibited many times in France and Japan,
his remarkable jewel creations getting more and more attention.

In 2013, he opened his own gallery in Sarlat, France.

Now he divides his time between creating jewels with his spouse, and painting.

«After exploring many different techniques I finally opted for watercolors,»

he says, «because of their endless possibilities.

Painting with watercolors is like going midway between control and surprise.
Not the easiest way by far, but an invitation to be totally concentrate, with free spirit.

I would like my art remind our lost link with the nature...
Like an invitation to the feeling, the being, the inner return.